In our Art Camp program, your child will study fundamental art skills and be able to develop their artistic expression. We teach the students to be creative, while learning about different art styles. Separate age groups for age 6-7, age 8-10, and age 11-14. There are 2 options, the main Art camp is an art class for 90% of the time and has a daily 1-hour PE/Fitness class and uses our 3 classrooms and it's $310 per week, and the 50/50 camp is 50% Art class and 50% PE/Fitness class for $300 per week, using the large 1500 square foot studio next door, in the same physical building. Register and pay online or call 678-213-4278 to enroll and pay over the phone.

We have 3 classrooms to accommodate 3 separate age groups. We teach children and teens how to paint canvas paintings, make and grout mosaics, create clay items with 3 different types of clay and use our kiln, work with charcoal and learn special drawing techniques, etc. Our camps include a one hour daily PE/Fitness class in the gym next door, in the same building.

We have a lot of options...early drop off, later pick up, and you can request for your child to be seated with a friend!